A new challenger appears!

Critical Snail Studios is a diverse collection of writers, game designers, artists and, above all, gamers trying to do things better than what we have seen the major games companies do over the last 30 years. As a group we have become weary of and frustrated with being forced to compromise our demands as customers so that we can do the things we enjoy - play fun and competitive games with our friends. We don’t think that we are alone in this frustration. So we rallied around a simple idea - let’s design and supply the games that WE want to play, and provide a much needed alternative to those games and intellectual properties that have been dominating the landscape unabated for far too long.

"We want to give gamers a kickass experience without nickel and diming them at every turn."
-Robert Corrado, Lead Designer

We don’t just produce wargames either. The games we’re producing run all across the traditional gaming spectrum specifically because the games we want to play are not pigeon holed in any one category. Tabletop War games, casual boxed games, expandable card games, mainstream sports games, even role playing games, nothing is outside of our vision.

Critical Snail is the gaming alternative for anyone that wants to play a game that is not diluted to appeal to younger or less experienced gamers specifically for the purpose of preserving a profit margin. Neither are we interested in licensing the latest pop culture reference and spitting substandard game variations just to sell more games. We take pride in our games, intellectual properties and service to the gaming community. We want you to play at the level of skill that you want to play at and give you the growing and developing story plots that make a game interesting and worth investing your hard earned free time in our products. There is not a gaming company as connected to the gaming community as we are, and we are listening. If you have any doubts, pick up a game, reach out and ask questions and you’ll be surprised at the response you get.

Critical Snail Studios - building games for gamers.