Holiday Cheer and goodwill towards Field Commanders everywhere

This time of year a lot of people are either winding down for the end of the year holidays or simply trying to survive the holiday insanity. Rob the Notorious DEV and I have been hammering down on our business model and development planning and we are excited to announce that we are lowering the standard pricing for Aggressor:Recon from $40 to $25. The reason for doing this is very simple: we want to get this game into as many players hands as possible while still being able to fund the development and production of the expanded rules text we have planned (Aggressor: Galactic Edition). 

As we have prattled on about endlessly already, we don't buy into the crowdfunding business model for gaming. It incentivizes shortsighted game development, which is fine for casual games but limits the support for wargaming. So we have restructured our plans and timelines so that we can still achieve all our goals without the charity of the mob. If you like our game, buy it and you can take the whole game home with you. No milestone prizes, no hoping funding goals are met, simple purchasing.

Anyhow, the short version is: new standard low price in time for late stage holiday shopping, no crowdfunding, and all Aggressor awesomeness. If you were on the fence about it, nows the time to move on it!

~Salty Ben