Introductions and Ironmongers

Hey folks!

By way of introduction, my name is Mike Fish - or more commonly known as “mikethefish” on the inter webs.  Usually you can find me on various sites for Warmachine, since that’s been my primary miniatures game for years.  I’ve been looking for a fun sci-fi game for quite a while, and when a couple of old friends of mine let me know that their long running wargame project had finally been realized into an actual honest-to-goodness published game, I just knew that I had to give Agressor a shot.

Fun fact, years ago I came up with the initial idea for the Gorssk.  Basically I wanted to increase my Green Stuff skills, and it was just a fun little sculpting project.  The initial figs were pretty rough, but were a blast to actually work on.  Imagine my surprise when the Gorssk were made into an actual army in Aggressor!  Of course there would be no question that these guys would be main Aggressor army.

(Custom sculpted Gorssk unit)

It had been so long since seeing the original drafts of the game,  I had no idea what constituted a “good” list for Aggressor in the final incarnation.  That being said, I have a long history in miniature war games, so I figured I could come up with a good base, and see what works, and what doesn’t.  Here is my initial starting point:

ARMY NAME: The Ironmongers
FACTION:  Gorssk

Qel High Master - 74
Light Vibro Weapon
Vrrg Garken
Shoulder Mounted Laser, Motion Sensors
Sabotage, Strategy

Qolg Light Guilders (10) - 580
2 Heavy Repeaters
Triax APC

Qolg Light Guilders (10) - 440
2 Pattern 312 Lasers

Mercenary Light Infantry (10) - 712
Heavy Repeaters (2)
Triad APC

Qolg Heavy Guilders (10) - 568
2 Heavy Particle Projectors

Qege Dominator Mecha - 313
2 Qel pilots
2 Heavy Repeaters
Ablative Armor x4
Infrared Scopes

Qege Dominator Mecha -313
2 Qel pilots
2 Heavy Repeaters
Ablative armor x4
Infrared Scopes

Triax APC (all APC’s in the army have the following stats/upgrades and cost 150 pts)
1 Qolg crew, 1 Qolg Commander
Smoke Launchers
Track Guards
Ablative Armor
Infrared scopes

TOTAL - 3,000 pts

   So that’s what I’m looking at to start with.  My intention was to come up with a solid “generalist” list that had both heavily armored, and fast-moving elements.  I wanted to be able to generate a solid wall of firepower, while still having mobile elements that could claim objectives and such.  Because of my novice nature when it comes to this game, the tactics part of this article is going to be fairly brief.

   I went with a Qel High Master to lead my army, figuring that I might need as solid of leadership as I can get.  I took the Tactics and Sabotage skills, figuring that the Gorssk are fairly sneaky and underhanded, and those leader skills represent those traits fairly well.  I also made certain that he was equipped for melee combat, in case that becomes necessary.

   I have four different infantry units (2 Lesser Guilders, 1 Merc and 1 Heavy Guilders).  Two of those units (the Mercs and one of the Lessers) come equipped with Triax transports.  Both units are large and come equipped with heavy repeaters.  My intent with them is to motor them up ahead of the rest of the army, and claim choice pieces of terrain.  I’ll take cover and use their fairly intense firepower to engage enemy infantry units.

   The remaining two infantry units (a Lesser and a Heavy Guilder) are both armed with some anti-tank weaponry that can engage at long range, so these units will hang back and try to soften up any hard targets that present themselves.  The Heavy Guilders are nice and resilient, and will serve as a nice fire base for my High Master to hang out with.

   Finally is the last members of the Ironmongers - the two Dominator Mecha.  Why take these?  Well to be perfectly honest, I am fundamentally a huge fan of robots.  Love ‘em.  I just couldn’t resist the change to field a couple of these big stompy bots (and I have a couple of really cool models to base them on - more on that in future hobby blogs).  As far as actual tactics to use when fielding them, they will be a reasonably mobile armored unit that can anchor a flank, or form a fairly serious spearhead.  They have heavy lasers as a main weapon, and a pair of heavy repeaters as secondaries, so they are equally useful against infantry and armor.  I also made sure to max them out with ablative armor, hopefully making them giant pains in the ass for my enemies to take out.

And that’s it - my army, the Ironmongers.  In the future, I will be doing a series of hobby articles describing how I model this army, and make sure that it looks cool on the game board!