Brigade Evolution! My 3000 Point Silitech List!

Happy Friday fellow Snailers!  Today I felt like showcasing a bit of Aggressor by tossing out a 3000 army list I constructed for my upcoming Silitech army that I will be building throughout this winter.  Dubbed Brigade Evolution their back story is nothing too fancy.  A corporate strike force called in for sensitive missions in a variety of theatres (mostly just beyond the edge of industrial territory).

The Concept: Classic Hammer and Anvil

The army will employ a hammer and anvil strategy which if you're not familiar with is fairly simple.  A portion of the army provides a strong stationary base of fire and closes off enemy maneuver corridors.  We dub this element the anvil.  Meanwhile the hammer is a highly mobile element of the army, pushing into enemy territory and forcing them to either move (hopefully bringing them into the waiting guns of the anvil) or spend time dealing with the mobile threat.  In concept it sounds effective doesn't it?  Execution may prove more challenging but we'll burn that bridge when we get the models on the tabletop.  Let's work through the list shall we?

Order of battle rules require a command unit for every army.  Silitech offers two choices for command.  A command squad containing an officer and bodyguards (either assault corps or rhinos) or a command walker.  I opted for the command walker for a number of reasons.  The walker is highly mobile with a speed of 6 meaning if my commander has to get somewhere to support an advance or escape an attack he can move 18 inches in a single activation if needed.  By adding an escape hatch to the walker and making use of the standard vehicle rules my commander is also well protected in the walker.  A bodyguard squad provides maximum protection but is far more expensive than the command walker.  This will give me some points to spend in other areas later.  Lastly, I took a laser designator on the walker as well which should allow the command walker to assist with artillery strikes throughout the game.

I took a level 4 officer for maximum leadership and discipline but only took two additional leadership skills instead of the full complement of three.  Charisma allows the commander reroll a failed rally test, and tactics will allow back to back actions later by two units, giving either my hammer added mobility or my anvil added punch if my opponent makes a mistake.

Back to the Order of Battle.  An army must field a minimum of two regular units.  For Brigade Evolution, I'll be fielding four.  I like the regular units in the Silitech list and I feel they are flexible enough to get the job done.  Let's address my anvil first.  It will consist of three of my four regular units.

I took two units of Combat Automatons.  Yes, they only have two actions instead of the standard three of regular human units.  My plan with these it to normally put them on hold to cover various fire lanes on the board.  A hold action only allows for one action to be taken so the two actions of the automatons should not hurt me as much as if I were intending to use them as a maneuver element.  With their inability to be broken and their durability they should prove perfect as the foundation of my anvil.  I've equipped them with warhead launchers so they can engage vehicles that enter their fire lanes.

The second element of my anvil is an understrength squad of Assault Corps equipped with a light mortar.  I intend to place them rear of the automatons in a fire support role.  

Looking back to the Order of Battle restrictions I see I can now take support and specialists but they cannot outnumber the amount of command and regular in the army.  No worries here as I've gone heavy on the regulars.  To round out my anvil and make full use of the laser designator my command walker is packing I opt for an orbital laser strike (decent against infantry and vehicles).

The anvil is fleshed out.  Comprising four units (over half of my force).  Moving on to the hammer of Brigade Evolution we will start with the fourth regular unit I took.  A full strength unit of Assault Corps, equipped with a light coil gun to handle vehicles, and mounted in a support vehicle for maximum mobility.

Which brings us to the final element of my hammer which is a specialist unit of Rhinos mounted in a support vehicle also to keep up with the assault corps.  They can support the Assault Corps at range with their rifles or engage the enemy in melee combat with their vibro pikes.

This brings us to our total of 2999 points for Brigade Evolution.  One command, four regulars, one support, and one specialist.  The one thing it is lacking is a dedicated reconnaissance unit for helping it during the pregame phase and locating hidden enemy units.  I'll be relying on my regular troops to spot enemies and my orbital rating to hopefully keep me from losing the recon roll.

Tactically, the command walker can either join the mobile hammer element utilizing its speed, or sitting in the back with anvil and using its laser designator to support the army.  The mobile element should be making every effort to force the enemy to make a bad decision while the anvil can slowly work its way into advantageous firing positions before staying put and lending its firepower to the advancing hammer.

You'll be seeing more of this army as I flesh it out and begin work on the models.  This has been a blog!

Rob, The Notorious DEV