Hobby, Hobby who's got the hobby?

So we have had a lot of talk about how Aggressor is set up to allow the use of any models from any ranges for any Aggressor Faction, but we have not gone to much detail to show how we have done it or how we expect to see anyone else do it. This will be the first entry of many to illustrate how to develop and build an army to field for Aggressor.

Task: Build 2 forces to use for demonstration games and events

Ive decided to build out demo forces to highlight The Commonwelath of Vega and the Alpha Legion, and decided to start with Vega. Being one of the oldest Human factions with a formalized government, which then means they are a faction with relaitvely normalized access to distributive and manufacturing logistics. So I want a set of mini's that are a) human, b)fairly well regimented and traditionally militaristic in appearance.

After some digging and searching, I settled on some figures from Prodos Games, the Bauhaus Faction Hussars riflemen from their Warzone: Resurrection Game.* 


As you can see, they look well enough like a well organized military unit. So 2 units of 5 Hussars will comprise 1 unit of 10 Vega Soldati infantry. I also picked up a cool looking Baron Von Leopold III as my HQ choice for Vega, though I havent decided which HQ option or how I'll kit him up just yet.

These ended up being very cleanly designed miniatures with fantastic amounts of fine detail and it put my rusty ness to the test. So here is the somewhat embarrasing reality, I have not painted a model in years. All of our playtesting has been with un painted or proxy models, and frankly, I only have so many hours in the day. Career and family put painting toy soldiers in the far and distant second position if I have to decided how to prioritize my time. So, right out of the box, Im a little nervous about putting my best painting foot forward.

The rubber hits the road, I finally slap some paint on. Like any good hobbyist at the beginning of a sizable project, I decided to knock out a test model first and get my bearings on the planned color scheme. Given that I know the Vega faction originated in something resembling a strongly socialist/communist political zeitgeist, I thought it might be entertaining (for myself) to give them a color palette that evoked a somewhat classical image of socialist communism. My originalt thought was ti give the armour bits themselves a bright red coloring and to impose a darker sensibility by coloring the fabric uniforms underneath the armor as black.

I hope you like my lovely washing machine in the background. So here is what I ended up with: Red armor, black under armor and a nice fiery orange helmet. Ultimately Im not certain how happy I am with the black cloth. Black is notoriously difficult to paint and highlight effectively due to the difficulty of shading black.

This is where I a going to leave off for now. The next hobby post will be an update on the remaining models in this unit and how they are shaping up. Something to remember, this example is strictly, using a pre-existing set of models with almost no hobby work to make the models conform to a sense of the faction Ive chosen. When I get the opportunity to start, Alpha Legion will exhibit the other side, a more intensive project with hobbycraft, conversions and putty work.

check back later for updates!

~Salty Ben