Through the Panhumanic Void

The Dawn of the 23rd Century

Galactic day breaks across the interstellar of horizon of Panhumanic space and mankind continues its forward momentum. The traveling star light shines on evil and beneficent alike, cruel and compassionate alike. All the wandering and willful molecules of space and time would exist and cease in the path of this star shine, and such a light would glitter on unperturbed. Allow no pretenses, life in the 23rd century is a flurry of self-conscious whims and desires in the face of the uncaring void. Yet, they are not without direction. The whims of mankind, previously isolated to a single pale blue marble they called ‘Earth’, has scrambled and scratched its way off planet and through the vacuum. Exploring other  synchronous rocks, marking their territory, establishing new homes.

The ancient history of pan humanic space reads very similarly to present day earth. Turbulent social ills, governance and politics driven by economics and commerce, and cultures driven by consumer demand and psychology. This is a past that is still very relevant and near to the 23rd century. It has influenced how mankind’s governments and cultures developed into a cohesive global government and drove its will to explore the stars to newer heights. As much as human history has driven the early forces of humanity to become a singular global nation, and find new exploratory missions through space, it has also predicted much of how it would react once it landed on unclaimed worlds.

Human history is one full of a drive for freedom and self-determination. Once Earth Alliance forces landed off planet, the clock began ticking before some human built a community and demanded liberty and freedoms long forgotten in Pan human space. Similarly, once the first commercial space flight was successfully achieved, it was only a matter of time before corporate interests began to look to the skies for greater and more novel riches from a newly expanded commercial market.

What the aliens of Panhumanic space illustrate, is that the greatest fear that humanity should have , is that which they don’t know. From the guttural and revolting trading barges of the Gorrsk to the eternal mysteries of the Vectimus and their and slave soldiers, what mankind does not know awaits them in the sweeping black will most definitely kill them.

As you venture forth into the uncaring vacuum of Panhumanic space, remember simply, that everyone has a reason, a purpose, and a justice.

~Salty Ben