If you are reading this, you may have also been paying attention to all the social media activity that Critical Snail has been producing these last few weeks, and all of our verbose blogginess. It has all been leading to this day...Release Day. Today marks the release of our first effort, Aggressor: Recon (now available through our web store at and we could not be more proud of the work that we have put into this book to produce a quality wargame built on a foundation of a strong story setting.

The early days of Critical Snail was just two people, Rob The Notorious DEV and myself (Salty Ben), reading through the earliest drafts of the rules, tightening language, spitballing faction development and occasionally soft-recruiting people from our local gaming community for future involvement. Those were heady days, in the time in between Rob made no less than three major relocations to different states and climbed the corporate ladder, while I relocated three times myself, worked through several jobs, two degrees and built a family, all while Aggressor was maturing and developing those tasty mother sauce flavors on the back burner. Along the way, friends came and went, contributed and moved on, in many large and small ways. Josh, Steve L, The Roos boys, Boomer, Chris, Brett, Mr Oliver, and several others over time all contributed either materially, or with fundamental critical feedback and we can’t ever thank everyone enough for their support, large and small. 

Thats enough feelings, Im getting misty eyed over here...from the dust...yeah. Here’s the facts of what you are going to get from this book:

-150+ pages of core rules and background
-Twelve factions complete with background and full army list entries
-Three World setting short stories
-Four playable scenarios

And here is what you will get from Critical Snail to supplement the book:

-Forums and social media accounts with direct access to the game designers and key personnel from Critical Snail
-Player feedback reporting and gameplay statistical outcome reporting through the Critical Snail website
-Insight into the development for future supplements and projects
-Simply - player centered support 
-Outreach and support through our Vanguard program - spread the word of Aggressor to the world and be well supported to do it!

We have stated on several occasions, we love our game and our world, and we think you will too.  There is no reason to treat a player base like an ATM when you can easily return their loyalty with superior support, products and gameplay. This is our promise to you. 

So, if you like science fiction and wargames, pick up a copy of Aggressor: Recon, show your friends and your gaming community and bring them on board. We have something special to offer this market, and we think you will love it as much as we do.

Sally forth and crush the will of your enemies!

~Salty Ben